Achievement Unlocked: Course 5

Fin. I can’t really say I’m done with COETAIL, because I’m not. It’s a community i’m part of now and I’ll happily continue to be active within it. However, I’d be lying if I made it sound like I didn’t cross Course 5 Project off my to-do list with gusto.

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Oh yeah, that. If you read my pre-video recap on Course 5, you’ll remember it failed miserably. I may not have ended up where I wanted to, but that doesn’t mean where I finished was bad. I challenged myself, learned a bunch along the way, and ended up being OK with what happened. Thanks to all that offered advice, encouragement and kind words!

6 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked: Course 5

  1. I still love the idea of what you did–using gamification in a way to encourage them to go BEYOND your requirements, instead of just to encourage them to do what you wanted.

    Were you able to find out from the students why the gamification wasn’t appealing?

    • Hi Wendy,

      I think it was mostly due to time. We have scheduling issues with our robotics labs and it forces us to have shorter-than-ideal Units. I think given a bit more time, more students would have reached for those badges & achievements.

  2. Jeff, I have the same thoughts about the badges connected to gamification, I also believe that kids should have an intrinsic desire to learn without artificial rewards.

    • Thanks for the affirmation, Claudelle. It’s nice to hear I’m not on an island with my concerns. When I’m reading through my RSS feed or scanning Twitter, sometimes I think I’m the only one with doubts.

  3. Hi Jeff,

    Welcome to the F.A.I.L. club: First Attempt In Learning! Like everyone else has said (including my Dad on my blog) this isn’t a failure, it’s just part of the process in our quest to continually improve our teaching and our students’ learning. It is interesting that the students didn’t grab on to any of the badges you offered, but I also think there’s some interesting stuff in your video about what DID get them motivated. For me, this won’t be the last time I try gamification but I also know it’s not the answer for everything, as some of the loudest voices out there seem to say.

    Like you said, the learning you wanted to happen happened, even if it didn’t roll out in the way you envisioned.

    Well done, and thanks for your reflection.



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